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2016 annual party about “Go with heart,Dream weavers HuaSu”
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2016 annual party

   Our 2016 annual partywas held in HuiJing hotel in ZhongShan on January 22.The head of our company made a speech about annual plan in 2016 and set up the aim to the new four Board in the coming year. The company directors also made guarantees for work in 2016. A goal for all of us is to fight for exceeding one hundred million sales.

     After the awards, the party started with substantial meal and wonderful show.

Our company takes out 30000 RMB at the same time as red packets which let the employees feel warmth for the hard work of past year. The party was full of laughter everywhere. This party successfully showed the enterprise cultur and  enhanced the internal cohesion in our company.


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